Metro's Monthly Movie Review

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Each month a team member of Metro will be writing a movie review to share with you. And this month team member Tamasan Freyer has reviewed 'Ted' Directed by: Seth MacFarlane, Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane & Giovanni Ribisi

If you thought the 2009 smash hit ‘The Hangover’ was the 'bees knees', then you sure are in for a roller coaster of a giggle with this year’s most anticipated comedy ‘Ted’.  Starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and the directorship and voice of Seth MacFarlane, this epically funny film follows the story of John Bennett (Wahlberg) and his real life teddy bear, Ted. 

When eight year-old John’s wish for his bear to come alive is miraculously granted, they both embark as “thunder buddies for life”. The pair are inseparable, especially when it comes to beer, bongs, and Flash Gordon.

Every bloke in the cinema roared with laughter during the poignant moments when Ted and John sing the Thunder song with a fart noise to finish, and when Ted makes suggestive use of his supermarket checkout scanner to impress a co-worker, and of course when Ted hits a parked car because he was “sending a Tweet”.

What is so refreshing about this film is that both women and men, young and old, could all share in the laughs whatever the joke entailed. MacFarlane’s humour is so unrestrained and so crude that there is no room for being offended. Every audience member understood from the very start that this was a space for laughing, and being open, and embracing one’s inner immaturity (which is not as ‘inner’ for some). 

When John’s long term girlfriend Lori (Kunis) insists that it is time for Ted to move out so that John can grow up, John struggles to be the responsible 35 year-old. He can’t help but ditch Lori’s work party to attend Ted’s wild beer-infested house bash attended by none other than Flash Gordon.
Here we see the party that may just have been the inspiration for the ‘The Hangover’, inclusive of a crazed duck, an irate neighbour and one helluva brawl. John’s revelation to Ted that he has “lost everything” after Lori walks away is so profound that the audience is silent for the very first time.

Ted showed us just how hard it can be for our husbands, boyfriends, or brothers to conform to our ‘responsible’ expectations, and cross over to the land of adulthood when marriage comes into view. I couldn’t help but stare at my twenty-five year old partner and think, I have to wait TEN YEARS for you to learn not to make fart noises in the supermarket line??! And for the guys, they could heave a collective sigh of relief that they weren’t the only ones still fantasising about sinking shots with a childhood action movie star. 

Watching Ted in a booked out theatre of almost three-hundred people, we all cried with laughter, and laughed even harder at those who couldn’t control their snorts and hysterical giggles. More importantly however, we could  all relate to the film, and celebrate the fact that there is a kid in all of us, no matter how old or how young.
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Nokia Lumia 800 The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition launched in India

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It has been a busy day today, with Nokia announcing the launch of two phones in India. Along with the Nokia Lumia 610, the Lumia 800 The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition phone has also been launched, and should be available in markets from tomorrow.
The Lumia 800 The Dark Knight Rises phone will truly be limited edition, with Nokia announcing that only 200 units will be available. So, we suggest that if you want one, hurry and grab one now!
This edition of the phone will carry forward the same unibody build as seen on Lumia 800 (read our review) phones, but the black colour will be accompanied by a laser etched Batman logo on the back, to make it stand out in a crowd.
“A truly global initiative, the Nokia Lumia Dark Knight Rises campaign is an exciting new initiative for our Lumia customers, that will recreate the movie’s unique experience, right on the consumer’s devices”, said Vipul Mehrotra, Director – Smart Devices, Nokia India.
Buyers will get access to a whole host of exclusive stuff. First off, the phone will be loaded with the Dark Knight Rises app, with exclusive trailers, photo galleries, integration with Maps to list where the movie theaters premiering the movie are, as well as a game that has been introduced in a tie up with Foursquare.

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Google Reveals Nexus Q Social Streaming Media Player

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Google just posted a video on YouTube for what it’s calling the first social streaming media player made for Google Play at Home, the Nexus Q.
The clip was discovered in the final minutes leading up to the Google I/O — Google’s annual developer conference in San Francisco — where it is likely gearing up to announce an array of new products, platforms and services.
SEE ALSO: Live From the Google I/O Keynote [LIVE BLOG]
The video of Nexus Q shows that the device streams music and entertainment from the cloud to your home.
“It’s the first device that lets you create social playlists with your friends,” the video states. “All they need is an Android phone or tablet and connection to your Wi-Fi.”
By launching the Google Play music app, you can list songs and albums to the queue and friends can add the same from their own collections. The Nexus Q also works for streaming YouTube videos and movies.

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Google Nexus Q streamer

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It's an orb-like streaming-media device with a $300 price tag, that looks to act as the bridge between Android tablets and smartphones, and your TV. The (currently unlisted) YouTube video shows off its ability to integrate with your Google Music account, as well as "push" videos to your TV, similar to Apple's AirPlay functionality.
While it's not entirely clear from the product shots currently available, the Nexus Q has a micro HDMI output (and includes an HDMI cable), in addition to an optical audio port, Ethernet jack, and banana jack speaker outputs. The Nexus Q also has a built-in 25-watt amp, which means you won't need a separate AV receiver to power speakers, similar to a Sonos Connect:Amp. There's also built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC support.
The Nexus Q runs a version of Android 4.0, with 16GB of onboard flash memory and 1GB of RAM. Unlike streaming media boxes like Roku or the Apple TV, the Nexus Q only supports a few Google-centric apps: Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and TV and YouTube. The "social" aspect of Nexus Q initially appears to be the ability for multiple Android devices to create a group playlist.
According to the product page, the Nexus Q should be shipping in 2-3 weeks. Also listed is a set of $400 bookshelf speakers, made by Triad Speakers, designed to be used with the Nexus Q.
This is a developing story and will be updated with more details shortly.
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Google Unveils Nexus Q Streaming Media Player

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Google's Nexus Q uses your Android smartphone or tablet in conjunction with Google Play to stream music and videos to your HDTV, sound system, or just speakers.

Google debuted a new orb-shaped media streaming device called the Nexus Q before it took the stage for its Google I/O keynote. The Nexus , what the company calls “the first social streaming media player” first appeared on the Google Play website store.
Closer look at Nexus QGoogle's Nexus Q uses your Android smartphone or tablet in conjunction with Google Play to stream music and videos to your HDTV, sound system, or a pair of speakers. What sets the Nexus Q apart from similar media streaming devices, such as Apple TV, is that it allows you to collaborate with friends via your Android device to create playlists of music and video clips.
The Nexus Q isn’t just an Apple TV clone device from Google. Think of the Nexus Q as a hybrid between Apple’s streaming puck and the Sonos music streaming stereo component. The Q features a built-in 25W amp that can power a pair of bookshelf speakers. In addition, users can sync Qs across multiple rooms.
From a video promo (see below) of the Nexus Q Google says: "streams your favorite entertainment from Google Play and YouTube to the biggest speakers and screen in the house."
Using the Q, Android users on the same WiFi network can “queue” (get it?) up their Google Play Music tracks. Every user sees the same playlist, and can edit it as they see fit, hence “the first social streaming media player.”
The Nexus Q runs Ice Cream Sandwich, is powered by a dual-core OMAP4460, with 16GB of storage. Google will be shipping the Nexus Q in the next 2-3 weeks for a list price of $299. It’s thrice the price of an Apple TV, but it packs lots more features.

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Google's Nexus 7 tablet

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Well, it looks like the rumors are true. This morning, just ahead of 2012's Google I/O initial keynote,Android Police dug up what looks to be an official press shot of Mountain View's unannounced 7-inch tablet, aptly named the Nexus 7. As opposed to our previous sneak peek, this shot shows what is most assuredly the home screen for Jelly Bean, and comes directly from Google's servers. Glad we got that settled. Now we just need to know about the actual hardware inside -- good thing we've only gotta wait another hour or so to find out.
Update: Hoo, boy! The hits keep comin.' The good golks at Modaco managed to grab screenshots for the sale page of the Nexus 7, replete with screenshots and specs. Turns out, the tablet has a 1280x800 IPS display coated in "scratch-resistant Corning glass," which we presume is of the Gorilla variety, plus a front-facing, 1.2-megapixel camera. Within its 198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm case lies either 8 ($199) or 16GB ($249) of storage, plus 1GB of RAM, and NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 SoC. Connectivity comes courtesy of GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Micro USB, plus it's got NFC for all your Android Beaming needs. Rounding things out is a 4325mAh battery and the usual spate of sensors: accelerometer, magnetometer, and a gyroscope. Want more? A video all about Jelly Bean and the new hardware running it awaits after the break, or you can hop on over to the source to order one for yourself.

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This Is Google’s New Nexus 7 Android Tablet for $199

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In the final minutes leading up to the Google’s annual developer conference in San Francisco, Google confirmed the release of its tablet Nexus 7, which will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
The Nexus 7 comes in both 8GB and 16GB models, featuring a 7-inch 1280×800 HD display (216 ppi), back-lit IPS display, scratch-resistant Croning glass, a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, a 12-core CPU and a 4325 mAh battery that promises about 8 hours of power use. The devices also tout near field communications (NFC) technology with Google Wallet, GPS and a 1.2MP front-facing camera.
The specs make the Nexus 7 a visually rich platform for watching movies, playing games and reading e-magazines. The device was built by PC manufacturer Asus.
The 8GB model will cost $199, while the 16GB device will be priced at $249. Google is taking pre-orders now and will ship the Nexus 7 in the next two weeks.
A picture of the Nexus 7 Android device was spotted earlier in the day via Google’s Play Store servers. Images of the device’s hardware have surfaced online already, but this is the first time we’ve been able to see the interface.

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Google introduces ‘Nexus 7′ tablet

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At its Google I/O developers conference at Moscone Center Wednesday morning, Google was to introduce its much-rumored new tablet computer. Here’s a report from our friends at Bloomberg News from a video posted on YouTube. Come back for more details and insights on the Google I/O announcement from Chronicle tech reporter Casey Newton:
By Brian Womack
Google Inc. unveiled a handheld computer called the Nexus 7 that features a 7-inch screen and is designed to help the company vie with Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in the surging market for tablets.
The Nexus 7 will feature Google’s Android operating system, according to a video posted on the YouTube website. The company is expected to unveil other information about the product at its San Francisco event.
Google is on the hunt for ways to fuel sales of tablets, a market that may almost double this year to 118.9 million units, according to Gartner Inc. Though Android has grabbed more than half of the smartphone market, tablets with the software have won less than half the iPad’s share, and will face new pressure from Microsoft, which unveiled its own tablet last week.
“The tablet market is a major challenge for Google at this point,” said Clayton Moran, a Delray Beach, Florida-based analyst at Benchmark Co. “They need to have a competitive product with the iPad.”
The Google tablet will also showcase Android’s latest iteration, which is named Jelly Bean, according to the video.
This would also be the first tablet to get Google’s Nexus designation. Google has worked with manufacturers such as Samsung in the past for Nexus smart phones to highlight the best features of Android software. The processor in the new tablet will be provided by Nvidia Corp., one of the people familiar with the matter said.
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Jelly Bean Android Google

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Web giant Google has revealed its newest version of its Android operating system, by rolling out a 'Jelly Bean' statue on its front lawn at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. 

The Jelly Bean statue now joins other dessert-themed statues on Google's lawn, including an Ice Cream Sandwich, Donut, Cupcake, andEclair, all representing the different versions of Android. 

According to ABC News, Google will share the details on Jelly Bean at its Google I/O conference in San Francisco, where the firm will preview and demonstrate the software for developers and press; no real details have been shared on what the operating system will include. 

The current version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0, was released last November which brought sweeping changes to the mobile phone and tablet operating system, and was released with a phone called the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as it worked closely with Samsung to create a phone for the new software. 

Google also is expected to release a new Nexus device, except this time it is a tablet. Rumored to be called the Nexus 7, Google-watchers believe the tablet will have a 7-inch screen, a quad-core processor, made by Asus and will be priced at 199 dollars.

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Vinod Kumar and Co

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Vinod Kumar and Co

La Chocolat...
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Hello World

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Hello World
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Metro's Monthly Movie Review

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Each month a team member of Metro will be writing a movie review to share with you. And this month team member Courtney Gardoll has reviewed 'The Five Year Engagement' Directed by: Nicholas Stoller, Starring: Jason Segal, Emily Blunt & Chris Pratt

Having recently become engaged myself I was looking forward to seeing this movie, as weddings are on my mind!

Jason Segal, best known for his work on the TV series 'How I Met Your Mother' and in the film 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', heads up the cast while also co-writing this edgy romantic comedy, which plays to his style of comedy. 

The Five Year Engagement explores the modern day dilemma of managing a successful career and a relationship. We meet Tom and Violet, played by the hilarious Jason Segal and the gorgeous Emily Blunt respectively, who after a year together have become engaged.

The couple then move interstate as Violet has secured her dream job. Tom gives up a fantastic career of his own for the move and this leads to him becoming increasingly distant from both Violet and society. Violet can see this happening but chooses to ignore it by burying herself in her work with her charming boss while Tom continues to hide his true feelings about the move even though he has promised to let her know as soon as he’s unhappy. The wedding gets postponed again and again while the couple fall in and out of love, much to the dismay of the ever passing away grandparents. It takes some soul searching for each of the main characters to realise what the audience has known all along, that they belong to each other, with the movie coming full circle back to the start only this time with a twist.

There is a good mix of both crude and obvious humor and sweetness between the characters and also, as in forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jason Segal’s butt! A special mention should be made to Tom’s best friend, Chris, and Violet’s sister, Suzie, who deliver many of the funny scenes.

I give The Five Year Engagement 7/10, whilst you may go into the film thinking this is your typical romcom the on screen chemistry between Jason Segal and Emily Blunt is amazing.  You could not be blamed for thinking the actors had an offscreen romance, although I have heard them in interviews vehemently denying so.
I would recommend getting to the cinema and seeing it, but I can also see how it may not be everyone’s style.
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Tated Yatra Logo

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Full Steam Ahead into May

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From the desk of Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management

In news at Metro this fabulous month of May.

The team and I most recently popped up to the Gold Coast for the annual Leading Property Managers of Australia  (LPMA) Conference, it was an informative couple of days with some great speakers and presentations. It’s always great to see what other businesses are doing and what we as a company can learn from them and implement. I know that Samantha Taylor (New Business Manager) and Eleanor Dewar (Leasing Specialist) certainly got a lot out of the conference themselves, as did I. The LPMA Awards night was also a highlight of the trip. Although no wins we felt like stars on the night, dancing the night away and coming away with some beautiful Finalist trophy’s, Metro PM for ‘Property Management Company’ of the year and Eleanor Dewar for the ‘Rising Star’ Award. A great time was had by all and we hope to bring home a few wins next year.

Mother’s Day is this month, just a friendly reminder... in case it has slipped your mind, and this year it falls on Sunday the 13thof May. We all hope you have something special planned for your mothers, if not you best get shopping! Many of the Metro PM Team and their families are taking part in the famous ‘MDC’ or ‘Mother’s Day Classic’ Fun Run. We are walking to raise money for Breast Cancer research. Every dollar we raise through fundraising goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. You can help us to make a difference in many Mother’s lives by donating online here Why not donate as a gift to your mum? You can personalise a message for them on your donation too if you like!

And in other news this month we are holding our third complimentary ‘Metro Wealth’ seminar of the year entitled “First Time Investors” presented by Financial Planner, Nicholas Don. The seminar is being held on Monday the 21st of May at 6.30-7.30pm here at our office located at 461 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn. If you are currently thinking of investing for the first time, if you have some savings or equity, or if you haven’t thought about property but want to build wealth we think you should consider joining us for this informative session (Seats to these events are often snapped up quickly, so get in quick as seats are limited to just 15!) Contact Melissa Venn at or on 03 9831 3006

Well that is all for now from the busy Metro PM team and I.

Until next time...
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Metro's Monthly Movie Review

Posted by gvgvasgvsz vgzavzAvv on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Each month a team member of Metro will be writing a movie review to share with you. And this month team member Samantha Taylor has reviewed 'The Hunger Games’ Directed by Gary Ross Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

I went along to see the Hunger Games, without knowing anything about the story line, not having read the book and therefore no expectations.

From the previews and ads I had seen I was quite hesitant about how gruesome it would be.
The movie starts slow, without much explanation in relation to when it is set, what year or why they are lined up to be ‘selected’ for the games. Not having read the book it is relatively hard to follow in the beginning.

In short the government asserts its authority over the small towns by selecting one boy and one girl from each ‘district’ 24 teenagers in all; to compete annually in a reality TV show called 'The Hunger Games'. The teenagers are chosen at random from a bowl containing everyone’s names, not dissimilar to the lottery. The chosen 24 are then abandoned in a futuristic wilderness, only one can win and this is the last one left alive.

The story centres around a tough young lady, Katniss Everdeen who offers herself to the games in the place of her younger sister whom is originally choosen. There are many challenges that they face over the course of the game; what skills each ‘player’ has to survive, who is popular with the spectators/audience (the audience watching can sponsor people involved in the game by sending them tools of survival), who will form alliances, who may be falling in love? The contrast between the dull, plain districts and the bright, fascinating city is incredible. The director has done a great job capturing the differences in class and culture. I was very pleasantly surprised that the violence was minimal and easy to watch (allowing it’s PG-13 rating).

The story is well set up and you can’t help but notice the similarities between the reality TV shows we now see on TV and the reality TV show created in this movie. The way those that are involved and controlling what happens to the contestants in the hunger games manipulating the world around them to generate more interest and viewers is not dissimilar to our current reality shows such as Big Brother and The Biggest Loser, you cant help but wonder if this is where we may be heading in the next 10-20 years.

Although the movie is long (running for approx. 142 minutes) you don’t notice until you leave theatre. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and the ending leaves you feeling that although the games may not be over, it is not the end of the story.

I went and bought the book almost immediately, to compare and indulge in the story again and, as books usually do, enjoyed the detailed original and bits that may have been missed in the movie. Well worth a look.

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Metro's Monthly Movie Review

Posted by gvgvasgvsz vgzavzAvv on Sunday, April 1, 2012

Each month a team member of Metro will be writing a movie review to share with you. And this month team member Karli Wise has reviewed '21 Jump Street’ Directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Ice Cube.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make a hilarious crime fighting couple in “21 Jump Street, the movie is based on the Johnny Depp TV series in the 1980’s. The actors represent two policemen who go undercover at a local high school.

In high school Schmidt and Jenko were definitely opposites, one being a lot more popular than the other. Schmidt was the nerd while Jenko was the typical jock. The two of them were not friends at all. A few years later they met up again at the Police Academy where they trained to become police officers. They formed a pact where Schmidt helps Jenko with the written work which is to be completed to pass and Jenko helps Schmidt with the physical.

On one of their first missions the two are assigned to 21Jump Street with a leader who is actually actor & rapper ‘Ice Cube’. They are given their assignment where they have to act as high school students and try and find out information about a new drug that is being sold.

The majority of the movie is based on the two undercover policeman acting as “students” being clumsy and messing around. The two succeed in their assignment and in the meantime there are many crude jokes and funny situations which they get themselves in. One scene has the two of them throwing a party where they serve alcohol and drugs to all the underage kids.

This movie is a very different role for Tatum, everyone who is familiar with Tatum as an actor would be used to him being in a romantic movie where he is known for his good looks and amazing body. This movie shows a new side to his acting and his ability to be the ‘funny guy’, which comes as a surprise. He has both an intense and goofy approach in this movie that makes the scenes involving him better than they should be.

Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson Peete and Peter DeLuise starred in the original TV series and they make appearances in the movie which is great considering it was based on this  series.

Overall I thought this movie was great, it was very amusing and such good eye candy for the ladies. Who doesn’t love a movie with Tatum in it?

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Metro's Monthly Movie Review

Posted by gvgvasgvsz vgzavzAvv on Sunday, March 18, 2012

Each month a team member of Metro will be writing a movie review to share with you. And this month team member Melissa Venn has reviewed 'Any Questions for Ben?' Directed by Rob Sitch, Written by: Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro & Tom Gleisner, Starring: Josh Lawson, Rachael Taylor, Felicity Ward, Daniel Henshall & Christian Clark.

To start with I love Australian Film and I love to support it wherever I can and when I saw the cast of this film my friends and I were keen to see it especially since the writers had in the past come out with some fantastic films such as The Castle & The Dish - no pressure?

The story follows Ben a 27yr old guy living in the heart of Melbourne with a job that most people could only dream of a ‘Strategic Brand Manager’ where socializing and partying all part of his job it seems. Ben is loving life and enjoying it to the full ie: dating famous tennis players, being paid to party and attend ritzy events with the ‘beautiful people’ until he is forced to stop to truly reflect on his life. Ben is asked to speak at his prestigious academic high school. He is invited by the principal (cameo by Director Rob Sitch) to speak about his job, according to his friends this is a great honor and he should feel excited and proud of this achievement.

The night of his High School speech night he meets Alex (played by Rachael Taylor) an ex-student that he has lost touch with over the years who has a fulfilling life as a Human Rights Lawyer in Yemen. In comparison Ben’s career and life seems insignificant and it is from this point in the movie we begin to see Ben’s internal struggle. Everyone tells Ben how GREAT his lifestyle is but he himself no longer sees the value in it. His lifestyle in his eyes is vacuous and pointless.

He tries to reconnect with Alex but Ben has this habit of not “following through” (a constant theme throughout this film that becomes a bit frustrating). We watch as Ben makes attempts to connect with Alex but she remembers him, how he was, and believes he won’t change. It takes some ‘mountain moving’ gestures on Ben’s behalf to try and change her mind.

The film in my mind began really well; the characters, script and actors were really great. I particularly enjoyed Felicity Ward’s character and there are many great laughs in this film aside from the issues it deals with. I felt however as we watch Ben we feel for him and want him to succeed in finding himself but about two thirds of the way through I just could not relate to him anymore. I felt frustrated by him and lost interest in the character completely (I felt this was a story issue and not the acting of Josh Lawson).

Overall the movie was (believe it or not from what I have said above) worth seeing. There are some great lines, beautiful scenes and cinematography of Melbourne. To be honest I feel you could wait for this one to appear in the DVD store for a night in on the couch with your friends.

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Welcome to February!

Posted by gvgvasgvsz vgzavzAvv on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From the desk of Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management...
This month is a month of planning for the future and to start it all off we as a team are having a day focused on building each staff member’s skill set, chatting about ideas to build Metro as a trusted brand and ideas for the day to day running of the business as a whole. I am always inspired and driven by what ideas my team have and I always like to have a ‘get together’ to see what we as a team and as individuals can get out of 2012. We learn and grow as a company by putting forth our ideas in meetings like this so I’m really excited about the ideas that will spring forth, so keep your eyes peeled for little changes you might see here and there. Speaking of changes and additions, this month also brings a few exciting staff additions and role changes.

Tamasan Freyer joined us last month as our new receptionist and has a keen interest in the Property Management industry, she loves a challenge and is enjoying being the ‘first point of contact’ for Metro and we feel she is doing a great job so far. Emma Racky has also joined our team this past month as Assistant Property Manager and she is quickly learning the fast pace of the industry as well as enjoying learning the ins and outs that come with Property Management. Emma has a strong retail management background, her customer service skills will assist her in her communications with owners, tenants and tradespeople alike. Welcome aboard Tamasan & Emma! 

In other news our Senior Leasing Specialist, Samantha Taylor has recently been promoted to New Business Manager and is ‘taking the bull by both horns’. Already Samantha has taken to her new role well and I have every confidence that our new owners and investor groups will absolutely appreciate the level of service and experience in leasing that Samantha brings to the table. Well done Samantha. 

Well as always February brings with it Valentine’s Day, like it or loathe it it comes around every February and I myself was interested as to how it came I consulted the wonderfully useful ‘Wikipedia’...

Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is a holiday observed on February 14 honouring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.

Modern Valentine's Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards. (Source: )

Isn’t it funny how it has lasted and changed throughout the years.

 Well a Happy Saint Valentine’s and a Happy February to you all.

Until next time....
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2012 Here We Come!!!

Posted by gvgvasgvsz vgzavzAvv on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From the desk of Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management...

Welcome to 2012 everyone, and boy this New Years Eve (as it was last year) was certainly warm, as was the first few days of 2012. In fact, the hottest day reaching 40 degrees (Monday 2nd January) here in Melbourne. I hope you all celebrated the New Year by doing something special, in Australia that normally means a few celebratory drinks, perhaps a BBQ and watching the fireworks in our respective cities. When it comes to the rest of the world and their celebrations...some of these traditions are a little different.

In the USA of course we have all seen and heard about the famous Time Square in New York and the many people that pack the square to ‘ring in’ the New Year however we have discovered other popular new year traditions in the USA include, watching football games, crowded streets taking part in a special food called Hoppin' John, along with enjoying cakes and champagne for luck and prosperity. In India, Hindu New Year is the time of celebration. This is the time to meet and greet people, share gifts and sweets. Hindus will decorate and paint their homes, and create a beautiful atmosphere with lamps and candles in the evening. Some of the traditions followed in Hindu New Year celebrations include: buying and gifting new clothes, giving gifts of sweets to friends & relatives and worshiping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, who are believed to bring in wealth and prosperity. In Greece the 1st day of the New Year is also known as St Basil’s Day known as one of the Greek Orthodox churches’ forefathers. Special New Year bread is also baked whereby a coin is buried in the dough which when found is considered great luck and fortune for the New Year to the owner. Now back to the land of Oz, and in case you weren’t aware, the Cricket season has begun.

Many of you will be enjoying this years ‘Vodafone Test Series’ Australia vs India, as always if you enjoy your cricket you will be appreciating the 4 test matches being held this month that began with the 1st test at the MCG (26th – 29th Dec) with Australia winning by 122 runs. The 2nd test runs 3-7th January in Sydney, 3rd test will be in Perth from 13th-17th Jan with the 4th and final test being played in Adelaide on the 24th – 28th Jan 2012. Let’s hope that Australia can come through with a win. In other team news, non-sport related we have added a new member to our Metro team.

We would like to introduce you to Emma Racky. Emma joins the team this month as Assistant Property Manager. With a strong background in customer service and retail management Emma has a passion for Real Estate and Property Management that she feels that working at Metro Property Management can provide, and we think so too. Welcome aboard Emma.

Well that is it from us this month.

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