“Never let a good crisis go to waste!!”

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barrack Obama’s Chief of Staff Eham Emanuel told the New York times right after the election “Never let a good crisis go to waste; there are opportunities to do big things”.

More recently Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told members of the European Parliament “never waste a good crisis” and then President Obama himself explained on a recent internet address “there is great opportunity in the midst of the great crisis”.

Over the last few months we have been inundated with information about the Global Financial Crisis – the G.F.C. and the havoc it is creating globally.

It certainly has been used as an excuse for just about everything that occurs around the world and in business.

However let’s take a moment to stop, think and ask ourselves why we look for excuses or reasons to blame something or someone else for the situation we are in.

A lot of businesses can behave like ostriches. Let me stick my head in the sand and when I pull my head out the crisis will be over.

Seth Godin in his book The Dip talks about businesses going through lows and highs. It’s the decisions and risks we take in the dip that sets us up for success when the market turns.

But how many of us have the courage to act and take risks when opportunities arise. Remember out of adversity comes opportunity.

So let’s review opportunities available to us in the current market:

It is a buyer’s market; house prices have stablised or are still falling in some areas. A buyers market provides you with the opportunity to choose the best investment.

Interest rates are at their lowest since 1964 and many investors are starting to experience positive return on their investments.

Rental returns have risen consistently over the past 2 years and with vacancy rates at critical levels this will not change.

So do your numbers, if they stack up then now is the time to add to your portfolio, the return on investment is certainly stronger than what you get from stocks, shares and superannuation.

For many of you who have not invested in property before the first step can often be the hardest. However it is never too late to start.

Metro has a number of relationships with business partners that provide our clients with guidance on how to buy your first property or expand on your current portfolio.

Owning property should be financially rewarding and Metro is here to resolve the challenges that may occur from time to time.

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste and remember there are great opportunities amidst the G.F.C


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