Metro Property Management Investment Tips

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now is the time to buy investment properties, interest rates are still at their lowest ever and many properties are can be cash flow positive. This has been the message for many months now and certainly the current market conditions are bringing first time investors into the property arena.

Here are Metro Property Management Tips to consider:

Always ensure that you take sound advice prior to making the
investment decision

Know your numbers – what is the impact going to be if you purchase an investment property - on your income

Attend seminars/workshops before making any decision

Ensure that you work with financial advisors and/or accountants to a develop wealth building strategy

Purchase median properties that are in high growth areas, they must be easy to rent

The area must have good infrastructure like schools, parks, shopping centres

Understand how you can leverage off existing investments to add to your wealth creation

The goal is to hold onto your investments long term, however be prepared that they may be times you may have to sell

Get an understanding on the level of debt you are in or prepared to go into and what a safe or comfortable level is across your portfolio

Research but don’t delay, now is the time to take action

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