Buying Property Through Your Super Fund....An Invitation to attend

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Significantly increase the value of your superannuation by investing in property.

Tuesday 13th October, 2009

6.30pm - 7.30pm Registration
7.00pm - 8.30pm Presentation
8.30pm - 8.45pm Questions and Answers

Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, NSW
100 Murray Street
Pyrmont NSW

The Superannuation Act was recently changed to allow Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF's) to borrow to purchase assets. This has created new opportunities to invest in property through your super fund.

SMSF's are the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry with 2,500 new funds being created every month. At this event you will learn why thousands of people are choosing to include property in their super funds and how this is significantly increasing their superannuation.

At This Event You Will:
Discover how you can fast-track the growth of your super
Learn how you can reduce your Capital Gains Tax to 0%
Understand the legal structures that are used within SMSF's
Learn how to finance SMSF transactions - what's legal and what's not
Case Study - Using Property to Increase Retirement Wealth

John is 50 years old. He and his wife have a combined super of $150,000. John earns $110,000pa and his wife earns $40,000pa. Based on their employer contributions and their funds past performance, they expect to retire with $727,137 and they are concerned that it will not be enough to maintain the lifestyle they would like.

They decided to set up a SMSF and purchase an investment property for $360,000. "We were able to use our superannuation as a deposit and our employer contributions and rent more than cover the loan repayments." They now feel confident that they will have enough money for retirement, even if the property achieves conservative growth, they expect their super fund will now be worth $1,031,062 at retirement.

This case study assumes: Retirement at 65, income grows at 3% pa, interest rates 7.5%, managed funds grow at 6% property grows at 6%.

You Should Attend This Event If:

You and your partner have $150,000 or more in superannuation
You want to increase your wealth for retirement
You want to learn more about Self Managed Super Funds and how they work
You would like to meet industry experts who can assist you in providing SMSF services to your clients

Bookings are essential. To book your seat call Carolyn on (03) 9831 3006 or email

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