Industry Passion

Posted by Unknown on Monday, March 15, 2010

From the desk of Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management

I love what I do for a living! I love it with a passion! I love the team I work with and I love the thrill of having successful outcomes for all clients, both owners and tenants.

Do we always get it right? Not a chance!

We are humans too and sometimes mistakes occur but there are so many ways of resolving a mistake.

Firstly, why don't people talk anymore? I mean, really talk...We all hide behind emails and write in capitals, yet put those 2 people face to face - what a difference it would make!!

Secondly, acknowledge human error and move on. It's not intentional, nor is it deliberate.

Finally, life is so very short. What you had today could be gone tomorrow!! How many times has the smallest matter been blown so completely out of control - sometimes we just need to let it go... I am sure you will feel better for it!!

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