A Tribute to our Anzac Soldiers

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, April 22, 2010

From the desk of Leah Calnan.....

Metro would like to honour our Anzacs and we felt the perfect way to do this was through the eyes of a 12 year old boy, Blake Morgan who wrote this poem about his ancestors.

Lest we forget? Lest we forget what?
The beach, the bush and the freedom I’ve got!
It’s always been here, since I was a boy.
My clothes, my friends, my family, my toys!
I live by the beach, enjoy the sand and the sea.
There could be no better place to live for me.
The restrictions I have, in a life full of fun,
Are only restricted by my dad and mum!

The things they have seen, the lessons they have learned!
They will instill them in me, and their trust I will earn!
For they know the past, and the stories of old.
Stories that must forever be told!

Stories of courage, of strength and determination.
Stories that have moulded and shaped this great nation!
Stories about heroes, about good men and women.
Stories that give me the great life that I am living!

But sadly, I know, these heroes I will never meet!
Still I will march in their memory, on their day,
Down George Street!
I will march for the heroes that didn't come home
And I know I'll be marching for the ones left alone!
My great grandads were there, left behind the ones
that they loved!
So I could live in this great land and live the life that I love!

One grandpa came home and one grandpa laid to rest.
So proudly I wear both their medals on my chest!
I thank you my heroes, from the bottom of my heart.
The young men the donkey, with his master and cart!
Be proud of yourselves and hold your heads high.
Enjoy what you have saved from your perch in the sky!
Anzacs they call you and Anzacs you are

God please love the Anzacs because two are my pas.

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