Configuring Design Console for OIM 11g

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, May 5, 2011

In OIM 11g, Design Console still is a required tool for system configuration, custom development and customization. But differently from OIM 9.x, Design Console 11g does not have its own installer anymore. It is installed and configured along with the OIM server installation.

One of the common questions around Design Console 11g is: if there is no installer anymore, how do I get it working on my desktop/laptop without installing the whole Identity and Access Management pack?

This is an easy task and this post describes the steps for getting it done:

1. If you don't have a JDK 1.6 in your laptop, you will have to install it.

2. Run the configuration script for OIM once again. The script is available at $IAM_HOME/bin (where IAM_HOME is the folder where the ‘Identity and Access Management Pack’ was installed). You have to run the ‘’ that is available at $IAM_HOME/bin folder and NOT the one available at ‘$IAM_HOME/common/bin/’

3. In the configuration wizard, select ‘Design Console’ checkbox ONLY.

4. In the next screen, enter the OIM server host and port name. The wizard will configure the Design Console files for you

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