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Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the desk of Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management...

In this blog I thought I’d take the time to let you know about a fantastic service we have started to offer this year called Metro Wealth, some of you may already have read about this service but for many of you this may be the first time you will have heard about it and boy we have seen some fantastic results for our clients.

Metro Wealth is a joint initiative between Metro Property Management and Nicholas Don of Odyssey Financial. This new business has been established to assist Metro owners (and those interested in allowing Metro to become their Property Manager/s) in achieving the best possible results from their current property investments and improving their current position.

Instead of having to visit a number of separate and different business’ and service providers, then having to try to co-ordinate each piece of advice and assistance themselves, Metro Wealth is able to provide a holistic solution with one main point of contact for its members. Metro Wealth have assembled a team of professionals to assist with everything financial from initial advice through to implementation of a financial plan to ongoing management and then to annual or more regular reviews.

As a member you are entitled to a complimentary membership package which will provide all of the necessary products and services, from financial planning, mortgages, superannuation and tax advice. Metro Wealth also has exclusive access to many amazing brand new properties that you may be interested in purchasing.

I am so pleased to let you know that already this year over 80 people have already joined Metro Wealth. Those clients have had a review of their current situation and financial position along with many purchasing another property. These clients were never aware they could afford to make a purchase until they sought the assistance of Nicholas Don and the Metro Wealth Team.

If you yourself would like to become a Metro Wealth member, visit or simply contact me on (03) 9831 3000 to chat about it further or email me at

Until next time...

Leah Calnan

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