Basic Owner and Tenant Obligations when renting a property

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, June 4, 2009

When you are renting a property small problems can sometimes turn into big ones if they are not handled correctly or immediately.

To help you avoid this here are tips on some basic owner and tenant obligations:

As a tenant you are obliged to:

Keep the property clean
Ensure there is no deliberate damage caused to the property
Inform the agent immediately if damage does occur
Ask permission of the owner via the agent to install fixtures, make alterations or renovations
Avoid causing a nuisance to the neighbours and not to participate in any illegal activities on the property

As an owner you are obliged to:

Ensure the premises is in good repair
Ensure that all windows and doors are secure and have locks
Provide the tenant with a key if locks are changed
Avoid disturbing the tenant unnecessarily

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