GralicWrap Anti-Phising Software

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, April 28, 2011


Phishing scam artist send official-looking emails with authentic looking logos from valid organizations and companies and other identifying email information taken directly from genuine Webpages.

These authentic emails are an attempt to get you to sign in and gain your password and login information. Electronic mail is one of the top methods of identity theft.

To allow these phishing messages in email form, look even more real life, the scam / phisher will position a link so that the link looks like it will to the genuine Webpage, but it in reality it takes you to a counterfeit scam website or possibly a popup box will appear that looks identically, resembling the official site.

You can stop phishing scams with a good and effective Gralicwrap anti-phishing software

Anti Phishing, delete spam, viruses and other unwanted emails right at the server. Gralicwrap learns from good and bad spam using the good filter method to effectively block and stop spam.

Gralicwrap anti phishing software is made up of computer programs which will attempt to identify the phishing content that may be contained in a website or email that has been sent to you. This software is normally to be found as an integrated tool within web browsers and email servers and will display the real name of the domain for the website that you are visiting. In doing this it is hoped it will prevent sites which are fraudulent from being able to masquerade as ones that are actually legitimate. Today such a function may well be included as a built in feature of a lot of web browsers.

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