what is oidpasswd tool in oracle identity management and How to Use it.

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, April 17, 2011

We have to use oidpasswd in many important situations in Oracle Identity Management or in Oracle Application Server.

It can be used
1.To reset ods internal user password (ODS is the internal user for Oracle Identity Management)
$enter old password : *******
$enter new password : *******
$confirm new password : *******
Output:- password is reset(for ODS).

2.To reset orcladmin(super user for Oracle Identity Management)without knowing the password of which we can not do anything in OIM.
$oidpasswd connect=connect_string reset_su_password=true
it will ask for the database sys password
and ask the new password for orcladmin
if you confirm the new password your “orcladmin” password is reset.
3.To unlock orcladmin password (if password is expired)
$oidpasswd connect=connect_string unlock_su_acct=true
enter the current password of orcladmin
and the “orcladmin” user is unlocked

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