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Posted by Unknown on Sunday, April 24, 2011

KariChat enables webmasters to chat with their visitors in real-time, enabling live help and live support, and providing means to engage the visitor into instant sale. KariChat is so much more than just a chatting service, you can also use this software to track your customers and gather information that can be used to close the sale. For this reason, along with many others, we decided to make KariChat the best for live chat software.

Below are the points you would like when buying the KariChat, the live chat software

Easy Setup & Operation
Look for a live chat service that is simple to set up and maintain.

Customer Convenience
Little conveniences make all the difference to a customer, like knowing their question is receiving attention even before the live chat operator sends the response (typing indicator) or the offer to email a transcript of the live chat session to the customer afterward.

Big conveniences make a difference too, like your customers' ability to receive documents, images or the right webpage from your live chat operator. Look for features like these to delight customers.

Operator/Manager Convenience
Make live chat simple, not a chore for your operators. Features that add to operator convenience include: prewritten chat greetings you can edit, visual and sound alerts, a built-in spellchecker, ability to run several chat sessions at the same time and the ability to transfer live chats to other operators.
Built-in, customizable chat buttons and images can reinforce your company's branding efforts and remote administration means you can make changes on the fly from any computer. Management will be delighted with the automatic online/offline status and messaging system to avoid losing a single customer.

Monitoring and Tracking Abilities
With the right tools, you can collect rich information about online visitors, including the website they came from, what pages they visit on your site and the browser they use. You can see if the visitor has been on your website before, look up past chats and customer information then launch a live chat. Some chat services offer a built-in "Who Is" browser lookup if you want to learn more about a specific customer.

Flexible Features
Top features to look for include live keywords to help you understand your customers' goals, and the ability to send your customer a survey after chat is complete. On your website, you can add a floating invitation to chat, or place advertisements in your live chat window.

All these features give you the opportunity to serve your customer better (and to get your customer's attention).

Customer Support
Look for live chat support software that is willing to help you in ways you find most convenient: live chat support, email and/or a toll-free telephone number. With live chat support services, you have all the tools and resources you need to turn a first-time customer into a lifetime customer.

Get sound and good support when you would use the live chat software provided by KariChat

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