Identity and Access Management – Important for a Growing Company

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go and ask some of best IT professionals about Identity Management, surely you will be flooded by hundreds of different answers. To be honest that you will get thousand new replies. We should not make this complex. Consider that identity management as an agency. Every employee cannot access every facilities or cannot go into every rooms but they can access which is permissible to him. But in some cases that even not allowed. They should have a perticuler key to access perticuler rooms..

Likewise, a computer network is like the agency, and every agency room exemplifies a file or some application on that network. The employees working in the agency are the users. The keys are the access cards that the executive circulates to each employee on the network. The keys also define what an users can do while accessing a file or application.

Similar to the agency security system, identity management is the most fundamental kind of data protection that the big agencies and companies utilise.

**Usability of Password
Identity Management doesn’t mean only to give some user the permission to log in;
identity management operates on the user accesibility just like to raise an alarm against some unauthorised person. Put Differently, An administrator puts some certification like an identity number to each of his workers. That identity number gives the worker access to the network and controls what services are to be acquirable. That identity number can also alarm the executive if the user is using forbidden regions. Security personnel are also conscious of activities that could trigger an alert set on actions that point a person is trying access into proscribed domains.
In its standard figure, identity management expects a user to insert a username and password. Furthermore, identity managementcontains the exact science process to identify a user, as well as to approve/deny access to resources within an organization or agency.
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